Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Future Baby Love

I am finally getting what I want most in my life right now besides money! A DOG! His current name is Willis but I am changing it to Maddoxx. He's a 6 yeard-old Bichon-Maltese mix. He came to the Max Fund No Kill Shelter through another shelter. They cut off his hair, except for whats on his head, because he was very matted because he use to be a stray. He's very outgoing, playful, sociable with other dogs, and a cuddle bug. I fell in love with his curious George looking picture online and made my Ma go with me to check him out. I filled out the app to adopt him and in three days they will hopefully be calling me to say that I get to have him [=. I'm very excited and can not wait! When we walked up to his cage he stood up on his back legs and started begging! It was the most adorable thing and it was as if he was saying please please please pick me you guys are perfect for me! lol of course I loved it! I have to do some work on my Dad and make sure I can get him convinced that I will be able to take care of him and that I will not let Maddoxx ruin his lawn by peeing and pooping all over by taking him to the lake across the street to do such things or allow him to destroy the house lol. My ma is in and I'm sure it won't be as hard as I think to convince my dad since my ma is in and actually going to be the one who pays for him. Yayyyyyyyyyy I can't wait. It will be a great gift right after my teeth removal. [= Here's his picture:


  1. Lucky you, He's cute. I've been looking for a welch corgi with no luck. Good to know we can sometimes get what we want.

  2. Lol I've been waiting so long to get a puppy and my Ma convinced me to adopt so I went to a no kill shelter website and fell in love. [= I have to wait two more days to find out if he's mine for sure or not.