Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Lazy

I went to work this morning and then came home and went STRAIGHT TO SLEEP until like 530. I'm so freaking lazy. I started watching Hustle and Flow and then I cooked some brocolli and cheese stuffed shells with veggie marinara sauce. It was delicious. Going out to The Church tonight. One of the worst clubs in Colorado. . .disappointed because it is 18 & up however cover is free for females so that's how I got talked in to it. Drinks were suppose to be free too but my friends didn't read the sign correctly. I gotta get some shit done before I start getting ready but I'm too lazy. I definitely need to finally hang up my pictures cuz I'm tired of them being in the way and I gotta go pick up after Maddoxx's stank ass. I may consider wearing extensions again tonight so I should probably wash them too. . .I don't know we'll see how well my hair curls. Oh I decided to just use my salon gift cards from Mark on getting my hair done cuz it's going to be the most expensive thing and I can get my nails and my wax before Vegas done for cheap. I'm still going for the Kendra hair color. . .the do it yourself box we bought lightened up my hair and made my roots A LOT better but there is still a gold tint and I'm not feeling that for the summer. I bought a BANGING fedora the other day. I have pics [=. I checked my bank account just a couple mins ago. . .I SERIOUSLY need to get paid. I don't like being at this stage. It could be worse but I don't want it to get any worse. Freaking horrible. It'll be better from here on out though so no worries. Get your money up Jodii Breeze your slacking lol!

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