Thursday, March 26, 2009

STUPID blizzard

God has saved up BUCKETS AND BUCKETS of huge amounts of snow all during winter in Colorado and he has decided to dump it all on Colorado today. He has also added a little comedy to the whole fiasco by adding winds that seem to be going like 100 mphs [lol]. Today's weather needless to say absolutely sucks. The one good thing is that I don't have to do anything today, no work or anything so I don't have to drive in this horrible weather lol. However, tomorrow I do have to work all day and I'm really hoping that this shit goes away and I don't have to deal with bullshit tomorrow.

On another note. . .I got my new phone the T Mobile Dash. I absolutely LOVE this phone. It's so much nicer than blackberry. I should have got this phone in the first place. It definitely has way more perks, including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I'm still playing around with it and working on getting it synched to my computer so I can put music on it and stuff. All in all, I'm WAY happy with my decision to switch phones.

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