Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sexual Exploitation of Women

Here is the other blog I discussed a little about in my previous blog. On Thursday, in my Group Prejudice class we watched a video about the Sexual Exploitation of women in our main stream media, however the video focused on music videos. Surprise Surprise!!!! the sexual exploitation of women in our music videos in our society does not only occur in hip hop/rnb and rap videos, whether they be underground or mainstream. The exploitation of women occurs so often in videos that are so often viewed by millions and billions [lol] and affect the attitude and the view of women of each viewer. This movie addressed how women are made to look like sexual beasts that can not function without a man by their side, and should be treated as objects that should be on display, abused, disrespected, and more.

This movie should clips of videos from every genre of music including pop, rock, country, rap, hip hop, and rnb showing a ton of women surrounding one man. Making it seem as though every man should surround himself with women instead of being magnamous. The music videos also portray women attacking men for sex, willing being subdued by men, and also fighting back seemingly saying no and then finally to their desires of the man. This idea of woman is shown to men and boys who think that any woman should be attacking them for sex or should be completely willing for any sexual action that they desire. Even the female music stars are displayed as sexual images wearing exposing clothing, dancing in sexual ways, and having their bodies panned by the camera. Every sexual fantasy fathomable has been addressed in videos ranging from nurses, officers, "the mile high club" and more. Women are dressed in customs, spray painted gold or silver, portrayed naked, etc. The videos that are put out today make women out to be porn stars basically, happy to do whatever comes their way: shake their asses the fastest, take off their clothes to get backstage, take showers in songs that the idea doesn't even match up with as the camera pans their body. . .and the list goes ON AND ON.

The movie also covered how dependent women supposedly are on men. Crying, trying to kill themselves, stalking men and more in order to just be around the man they can not be without. They'll go for the desperate measures just to get a man's attention, something women are made to appear to have to constantly be in. Women are made to look as if we can not function without a man in front of us or beside us controlling our lives in every aspect. The idea of an independent women who makes her own money, instead of relying on her man's, driving her own car, instead of one that he bought her, owning her own house, and more is VERY RARELY EVER portrayed.

As bottles of liquor are poured onto the women, as well as slices of meat thrown onto their naked bodies women are portrayed as excitingly, openly, and happy to receive the worst amount of disrespect. Women are portrayed with their legs wide open, shaking their asses or showing off some other body part reducing the female gender to one body part. . .no intelligence, no personality, no emotions needed. In the 2000 Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC there was a video that was captured of hundreds of males attacking females, ripping off their clothes, sexually assaulting them, pouring all sorts of liquids and foods on them and countless numbers of other acts. The similarities between the violent and sexual acts of these men in the video was STRIKINGLY similar to the images portrayed in mainstream and underground videos today. The only difference was in the women's reactions to these acts. The women were terrified, defensive, aggressive, shocked, helpless and more. They screamed for help and tried to run through the crowds and make safely out. Unfortunately that's not the end of it. In Seattle [I think not quite sure cuz I don't have my notes with me] there is an award winning photo of a women being held down by several men [not just like one or two they're completely surrounding her]. The photo captures mens roaming hands in sexual assault. I can not even begin to imagine the torture and horror these women experience because of how women are portrayed in music videos today.

I am far from being a feminist. However, I am a very strong willed, proud, independent woman. I am obviously strongly against how women are portrayed and portray themselves in videos today. They seem so open and accepting to these stereotypes that directors and society set for approval not realizing the damage that they are causing. I'm not saying that every woman and man is like this, however, it does seem that each gender feeds into it. How many of you watch videos everyday and say "That woman is fine" or "I'd fuck her" or "He's so sexy" "I am in love with him" etc etc etc?! I'd venture to say that you have atleast had the thought once or twice through out your life time. These women who are in these videos are DESPERATE to me. Regardless of the fact that they are making their money, I am strongly against ANY VIDEO HOE! I believe that they are a disgrace to women because they only feed into the stereotypes that we should be treated like sexual objects that can handled any way an individual pleases and with happily oblige. Men and women should have healthy sexual drives, however, these drives do not need to displayed in music videos or any other source of mainstream video. Its disgusting and absolutely disgraceful. I would definitely recommend watching the movie and educating yourself about the ideas that they propose because it is a serious problem that should be addressed. The unfortunate thing about that is because my notes are not right by me I do not have access to the movies name. I do have it though and will post it later. [=

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