Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Writers Block. . .

I'm trying to come up with some interesting stuff rather than just my recent updates on life to blog about. It's a slow progress because I really haven't had much time to watch or read any news, we really haven't read or learned about anything interesting in any of my classes, and I haven't come up with anything on my own. Hopefully, I get something interesting soon. Until then. . .I started the new job on Monday at White House|Black Market. It's going to be a pretty easy job. It's all about making women feel beautiful and I think I could do a good job at helping women put outfits together and make them feel sexy, beautiful, and sophisticated. I did some boring ass training stuff and then I tried on some clothes to get a feel for the different types of pants, both business and jeans, and other clothes that we sell. It was really fun and I fell in love with some of the stuff. I really liked shopping at that store before working there and now that I work there, with a 40% discount, I bet I am going to love it even more. I already fell in love with two shirts and a pair of pants and a dress that I really want. However, I recently discovered that I have no shorts or capris that fit me so I have to save up some money to get some new stuff for the summer so I don't have to wear jeans the whole time. 

I lost about 10 lbs from being sick so I was back down to 115 and I was soooo happy about it. Unfortunately I gained 3 back already so I think I am just meant to be around the 120 125 area. I have been staying on a pretty good workout for Mexico. I have not being doing so well on my vegetarian and NO SODA diet lol. Caffeine is SOOO addictive to me because my family has a natural addictive nature so it's really hard to give up like I did before for some reason. Living at home makes it really hard to eat a vegetarian diet because when I get home from school or work my ma has usually cooked something to eat and since they aren't vegetarians it's never catered to my needs. I know I should be cooking for myself but it is SO FREAKING HARD especially when I am so exhausted and already starving. Hopefully since I started this new job and will be a lot busier it will encourage me to eat healthier since I'll have to make my own meals for in between school and jobs and in between jobs. I'm looking forward to MORE MONEY!!! after I pay Mark back of course lol. 

Still waiting on word for FASFA and the loan that I applied for. Hopefully all that goes well and I actually get some fucking financial aid for once so I don't have to use all my loan on school alone. I'm helping Mark play a game so I must focus lol!! [= Hope life is good for everyone else. 

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