Wednesday, April 15, 2009

11 Hrs Work+On Feet whole 12 hrs+flat tire. . .

The shit that has added up in these past couple days is ridiculous. Today, to start wit, I worked a 4 hour shift at the courts. . .on my feet the whole time. . .then I worked a 7 hour shift. . .on my feet the whole time. . .at White House|Black Market. Yesterday, I went from school. . .getting out of class at 345 and then straight to work at 530. However. . .when I got to the train stop my driver side front tire was completely FLAT! I didn't have time because of rush hour to change the tire [which I am very proud to say that I not only know how to change a tire but change brakes as well] so Mark came and picked me up and took me to work. Then my parents picked me up and took me to change the flat and it turned out that my spare was pretty close to being flat too however we just aired that one up. . .thank God it wasn't flat lol. I have had really no time to do any homework except for to read or even lay down. I pulled a freaking muscle yesterday and my feet are ABSOLUTELY KILLING me from the beating they have taken in the past two days. Tomorrow I have to go to class and walk around campus all day so hopefully they feel a little better. 

Despite all the negativity I worked my fuckin ass off today at the store. I didn't really make any bonuses unfortunately however I did make over 1700 for the company. I think that is fucking amazing for my fourth day of working there. I'm glad I got extra hours too because I was originally only supposed to work from 530 to 830 and then it got extended to 3 to 830 and then finally to 130 to 830. I haven't got to tanning the past two days and I haven't worked out either [and of course I haven't been eating healthy completely and I have been drinking coke smh]. I'm disappointed in myself in that sense but I am working hard to make my money and that's what's really important to me right now. All this bullshit will pay off in the end when I'm laying on the beach, tanning in the hawt sun, with Mark Kyle and Tristan by my side, and a gin and juice in my hand [=. Here I fuckin come MEXICO!!!

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