Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happiness is hard to come by these days. . .

But this weekend was a weekend full of it. Friday I hung out with Mark, Jessie, and Dane. Went to La Bohem. . .[strip club] and prevented some retard from fucking with a dancers money. Then Saturday I got re-colored. It's much darker now. . . still brunette. . .still hawt! Saturday night Tristan, Kyle, Mark and I went down to Colorado Springs to have Easter brunch on Sunday morning. Good times! We went to downtown C.Springs and had an AMAZING time at a club called Blondie's. The club was so awesome because the DJ was amazing and they had a play on lights where they would fill the dance floor with smoke and then turn on a light machine that is similar to the lights in Ciara's latest video [super hawt] Love, Sex, and Magic. It was just a great atmosphere, great music, with great people. We had a stupid mission afterwards because Mark and I weren't drunk when we left so we went to Wally World to get beer pong materials not realizing that we still can't buy beer after midnight in Colorado even if it is 3.2. Stupid law but oh well. . .we just went and played drinking games then got in the hot tub. We didn't go to sleep til 530 though so we were all exhausted today lol. It's hard to find happiness most of the time because I work so hard and try to earn as much money as possible and not spend it on shit that I don't need but more and more shit keeps coming up and I have to keep spending everything. I hate being broke ]= but being around amazing people is the best cure [=. Happy Easter!

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