Saturday, April 25, 2009

Loans. Stress. Diets!

I found out today that the loan I applied to renew for more money for the summer apparently was not tracked by their system. I have NO IDEA what website I used of course cuz I'm a dumbass and didn't write it down for some reason. So I don't know how to go about fixing it. I applied for another loan through a different bank so hopefully that one gets processed pretty quickly and I get accepted and get the amount I am looking for. If you know of any loan websites besides nelnet let me know!!! THANKS!!!

I'm stressed out from working so much and all that ontop of school. I'm always so exhausted! I'm worried about next semester and getting the classes I want. I signed up for two online courses and got waitlisted so I'm hoping and praying that I get into both because they're really convenient for work schedules. I'm still stressed out about money SURPRISE SUPRISE and getting Mark his money back. Once I get a loan I think some of that money is going to go to him just so I can be done with it. I am disappointed in myself because I moved back home to save money and I haven't saved a DAMN DIME! I need to get it together. NO MORE GOING OUT and NO MORE SHOPPING, especially not on other peoples money because everytime we go and I say I don't have money everyone is always buying me drinks and I feel really bad about it cuz I can't return the favor. I've actually been really good and haven't spent money on shopping really so I'm proud of myself. My biggest problem with saving money though is NOT EATING OUT! I need to stop because it is out of hand.

I have not been on a diet of any kind, not even vegetarian. My parents always complain about me filling up the fridge with food and leftovers that I do eat. . .just not the same day I make them or the next. They're leftovers they're mean to be eaten later. . .and for convenience. I will take the blame for a lot of food going to waste because I wouldn't use it and it would just rot in the fridge but at the same time I think it started happening because my ma is always cooking so it was convenient just to eat what she made especially when I'm so tired. So it was easy for me to eat, then easy for me to leave the shit to rot. I am going to have to address this issue with her because I am so disappointed in myself and my eating and working out habits. I need to get back onto a regular schedule and not let up for anything. I've been browsing some different diets and workout plans but haven't found one that I'm really interested in yet but hopefully I do. I think I just need a strict schedule that's easy for me to stick to. Having a nearby gym membership would also be extremely helpful but that's taking more money away. Definitely worth it however in the long run. I may stop at a nearby 24 hour fitness spot to check out how much it is for a membership or how much it costs to go each time. I wish I could afford a personal trainer but have no time and definitely no money for that lol. I need a motivated partner though lol! I have to use some of the motivational quotes I posted to make some rules for myself that I have to follow to. I'll dedicate Monday to that. It's finally a day off from both jobs so I'm going to get advised by a criminal justice advisor for my minor, submitting a formal complaint on my teacher, and then doing motivational stuff.

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