Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Mama/Daddy bandwagon

I am totally shocked at the number of people I know who have baby mamas or daddies. I think that the e idea of having a child out of marriage is absolutely absurd. I dont believe two individuals are completely ready to say they are ready to raise a child together until they are comitted to each other forever. Having a baby mama or daddy is a fad these days and I want to know where society is saying that this is a cool thing to do and that more people should participate in it because it seriously needs to change. If I were to get pregnant now and have a baby daddy I would be absolutely ashamed of myself. I would take no pride in my actions and although I would love and raise the child to the best of my abilities I would feel like a failure. People these days are selfish and careless and I can not believe they would take pride in having a baby dad but not a husband. How the fuck does that work out to make sense in peoples minds? Also, I am deeply offended by any woman who would openly accept the title of baby mama material. It is so completely disrespectful like she is no enough to be someone who you could spend the rest of your lie with but she just has the right makeup to be the mother of your child? Once again how the fuck does that make sense in someones mind? All i can say is what if Americas policies and laws changed? What if you had to be married to have a kid and if you arent you have to adopt it out. What if you had to take classes on parenting if you were going to be a parent. Im just saying hypothetically.


  1. Oh my gosh I truly believe that people shouldnt have kids just cause. I grew up that way and it's not fun no matter to contrary beliefs but what do I know. I really admire that article. Good job and keep doing it.

  2. i have a messed up view of marriage but agree with what your saying about Baby mamas & daddies. lol. Also my heartbreak has passed and the blog is back to normal. your comment was a wake up call. thanks.