Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old friends

I got a really random text message today from a friend that I basically grew up with. This past summer when I came back from Texas she was mad at me because we basically never talked when I was in Texas but we made up. Through out the summer I hung out with her and the regular group of friends and then I made a decision for myself and stopped talking to em all. I was tired of feeling like they all thought they could control me and I was there to due whatever they wanted or needed. I thought that especially two certain people abused the relationship that they had with me and I knew I would be better off without them all in my life. I felt really bad about Jasmine because this girl I've known for forever and has always been a loyal friend to me but when she threw a fit on her birthday because she didn't call me to hang out with her and then turned around and didn't even say shit to me for my birthday I was like wow. . .I see the priorities here. Anyways, I was just tired of being disrespected so I flatlined em all. Terrell and JC still regularly text me and call me. JC more than Terrell which drives me fucking nuts cuz they obviously don't get the picture that I don't want shit to do with them. Today though Jasmine texted me and I considered not responding because I figured she would just be trying to cuss me out or some dumb shit for us not talking. Nothing yet so far. . .just doing the usual check ups. She's pregnant. . .6 months. I think that's crazy. She's working and making the money to support her child and I am proud of her for that. I can't imagine her pregnant but on the other hand. . .getting prego is seemingly the "popular thing to do these days." 

I absolutely feel bad for just not talking to her because of JC and Terrell. That was fucked up but at the same time she wouldn't have understood my reasoning for it and probably would have stopped talking to me anyways. I do miss her though. And of course I wish her the best for her and her child. I hope all turns out well, but we'll see because I definitely assumed that the whole conversation would turn out bad. lol =/


  1. I had a friend form High School i lost touch with call me last year which was weird cause i wanted to forget those days but we spoke I'm trying to keep in touch but i'll be honest I'm moody and hate humanity most days so i don't respond to texts and shit. It's good she has flipped or anything yet that's a good sign (see what happens)as for the other 2 fuck 'em. Say no to being Preggers"

  2. LMFAO AT SAY NO TO PREGGERS hell yeah I'll definitely be saying that for a long time lol!