Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Hills

I absolutely love this show. Can't explain why but I do really like it. I can NOT STAND how dumb some of the girls are though. . .specifcally Audrina and Heidi. They make it seem like a lot of girls are just as dumb as they are when it comes to boys. They both let Justin and Spencer walk all over them and its ridiculous. Audrina is always going to pretend that she hates Justin and doesn't want to be with him bbut in the end she is always going to go back to him and he is never going to stop pulling the dumb bullshit that he does. Heidi and Spencer have FAKE "Drama". I swear they fight on the show just to keep people entertained. In the last couple episodes Spencer went to a bar and was drinking with the bartender and flirting and then he went out with her and her friends. He just was really inconsiderate of Heidi and completely believes that he did nothing wrong. Heidi gave him an ultimatum and said that if they didn't go to a therapist and work through their problems then she was going to leave him. However, just yesterday on the radio there were reports that they are getting married in a couple of weeks. My belief with these two idiots is that they alienated themselves from all of their friends and neither one of them want to be alone so they know that they can't leave each other. They're just ridiculous. But I still really like the show. [= I like Lauren. . .I know she's had to be dating someone so WHERES THE INFO ON THAT!?!?

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