Monday, April 13, 2009

Summer Classes

I'm looking forward to knocking these classes out during the summer. I'm taking three classes for a total of 9 credits. I will be taking Ethics for Criminal Justice Professionals, Psychology Inferential Statistics, and Social Psychology. Unfortunately I have to actually go to campus for two of the classes the other one is online. Whenever I have taken summer classes before they have always been online so this will be a new experience for me. Hopefully it turns out okay. Hopefully it doesn't take away from my tanning!!! hahahaha lol. I'm a little apprehensive of this online class however though because it says that it starts 5/26 and doesn't end until 8/01. . .that is a FUCKING LONG ASS CLASS. The other ones bother me too though because of how long the duration of the class is. . .both are like 2 hours long. It's going to be hard to sit in a class for that long. At first I thought the classes were going to mess up my work schedule for both the courts and the store but I got it figured out. I'm going to give them my new availability for the summer pretty soon. They should be interesting classes, atleast Ethics and Social Psych. Inferential is going to be a challenge because it's doing math in Psych and I SUCK! at math. =/

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