Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

This piece of shit swine flu epidemic in Mexico is threateningly to force us to cancel our fuckin vacation. I can't even express how fuckin pissed I'm going to be if I don't get to go to Mexico for a week in May. We are trying to figure out a place that we could go just in case the trip does get cancelled. All Mark and I can think of really is Florida. I'm just prefering to go somewhere else really. I'm very disappointed right now so hopefully everything works out. We have to first figure out if the news is just really making this whole thing out to be worse than it really is or if we really do need to cancel Mexico and get it switched to a different location you know. We HAVE to keep it as all expenses paid though because I haven't saved any money to spend on other shit let alone to pay Mark back. Updates. . .later.


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