Monday, November 2, 2009

I disappeared for a long time

But now I'm back. I just had a writer's block I guess. I uhm am doing good. School is doing good, just got a perfect 100% on a test in my drugs and cravings class that I absolutely love. Work is going okay. . .I stay broke because it doesn't pay shit. I am just waiting until I graduate. Mark and I are still together one year and going strong. I'm a little irritated with him right now as a matter of fact because we're still dealing with that bullshit from his "bestfriend" Dane, who keeps pulling dumb shit and not making an effort on their friendship and just walking all over Mark. For example, this past Halloween we were going to have a halloween party and Mark invited Dane like a couple weeks in advance. Mark told him about it, Dane immediately responded asking about the exact date, Mark told him and then after that Dane NEVER SAID SHIT BACK. It's just extremely disrespectful especially when you're mid convo and you can't even say No I don't think we'll be there but maybe or something so fuckin simple. So anyways, Mark and him are suppose to be hanging out tonight. I really don't hope that Dane actually does get over his disgusting ego and apologize mainly because I could CARELESS for him but at the same time I do hope he does because I'm tired of Mark dealing with that bullshit. It makes me so mad. So I'm irritated because of that and because he can't even take two seconds to respond back to me while he hangs out with this fuckin prick that constantly treats him like shit.


Maddoxx is doing good too. He makes my day like every day. My car is malfunctioning on me.

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