Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Told You I'd be back

Maybe I bore you? My fault, but whatev.

First and foremost, I need to congratulate myself on my performance in school lately. Although I was unprepared for one test. . .I still got a 95% on it. The highest I've gotten yet in that class. Regardless, I may possibly end up with an A in that class and I'd super happy about that. I also got a 100% in my Drugs and Cravings class that I'm still really proud about. We have another test coming up actually this coming Monday that I've been studying for and should be ready when the time comes around. Research and Methods has been quite a struggle for me and despite the lack of motivation that I have to attend the class, I do have a lot of motivation for the paper that we are writing for it right now. I think I should get at least a high B if not an A on this damn thing. Sucked on the last test but I know I need to get my ass in gear on studying for the shit and I'll do better. My child psychology class has been a fucking breeze! I have a test that I need to take tomorrow or Friday for it but other than that. . .I don't have to do much else except for the rest of the tests. This is exactly why I love online classes. You can pace yourself, trust yourself to make deadlines, and you don't have as much work and effort for studying for tests because they are open book open note.

Onto better and more entertaining things. I need some things to be writing about so to better prepare myself to avoid writers block I plan on making up a list of things that I can discuss.

1. my relationship
2. legalization of marijuana
3. juvenile drug use
4. female negative exploitation in the media especially with this UNM soccer chick
5. movie reviews (law abiding citizen, zombieland, etc)

my mind is hitting a dead zone at this point in time. I'll be back shortly. In the meantime. . .open your itunes and listen to some hold music for me.

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