Thursday, November 19, 2009


I went and bought some used tires a couple weeks ago and this one PIECE OF SHIT fucking tire keeps going flat. It's really aggravating, because I don't have the time to take the shit over to the guy who sold it to me and tell him to replace it since it keeps going flat and my dad can't find anything wrong with it. It's overly aggravating. On top of that the Wells Fargo morons STILL have yet to send me my god damn credit card even though it was sent to me three days ago according to my email. I've been waiting for almost three weeks now. I think I'm more than entitled to be pissed off.

Mark and I are suppose to be going snowboarding this Saturday so I'm looking forward to that. But if we don't get to go, I'm going and changing my fucking bank. I can't stand those fucking morons.

I think tomorrow I'm going to call in sick. I need to go to the pawn shop and and some clothing shops to sell some of my shit so I can have some money to pay for these tickets. I need to make a list of everything I'm going to sell.


  1. hahaha thanks captkeyes. . .thought you were going to get a tumblr?!?!

  2. i was but i sort of retire til i get my own server then maybe I'll make a return. Just trying to travel the world for a bit, find my other half get myself a maddox of my own.

  3. aaahhh! When I got Maddoxx he made me so much happier. He brings a ton of happiness in to my life. I have separation anxiety when I'm away from him! I'd definitely get you one! I followed you on tumblr. mine is