Friday, November 27, 2009


I went and saw the movie Precious last night. It was INCREDIBLE! I loved how touching it was. I hated the fact that her mother treated her like shit and I could not freaking figure out why. I really thought it was just because she has a child instead of having an education. Little did I know her HIV infected father had given her both her children and her mother treated her the way she did because she was jealous. Monique, the Precious actress which I never got her name on accident, and Mariah Carey were all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!It was so crazy to see how the mother abused the welfare system, how the grandmother did shit to protect her grandchild but would take care of her great grandchild, and thank God she did. The little down syndrome girl was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I was so scared for Precious. I'm glad she found something so good for her with the alternative school because I don't think she would have ever gotten out from underneath her mother's thumb had she not.

This is an amazing story with amazing actresses/actors. Go! see it!

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