Wednesday, November 11, 2009

oh yeah good news

Remember how I was ranting and raving about how the police department never took care of this fuckin parking ticket and I was given to a collections agency. . .turns out. . .it was for a different parking ticket.

No worries though. . .I also paid this ticket. The fuckin dumb ass violations dept even stamped the check that I sent them acknowledging that I paid the damn thing and I paid it on time. Working on getting the whole situation taken care of with the MORONS at the collection agency.
Yes, they are morons.

Slight bad news, I am going to blow up Wells Fargo if I don't get a fucking bank card from them in mail tomorrow. I have been waiting two weeks for this piece of shit and if I don't get it immediately I'm going to be face fuckin bitches with my strap on dildo.

Good day sir.

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