Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Harry Potter was super awesome! It left me feeling like the book left me. . .that I desperately need more. I can't wait for the next one of course. In the mean time, I will definitely be brushing up on the books because I couldn't really remember a whole lot of this book so I didn't really know if anything was left out, however Mark said they only left out a couple things so I trust that. I loved going to see it with all the die hard fans. The movie experience is just that much better because they all respect it so much that there is no way anyone is going to deliberately ruin the movie by being annoying or loud or have their cellphone on during the movie [=. 

I finished my Stats class today. I'm sure that I ended up with a C at least. I am in the process of finishing my social psych online class tonight. I am planning on taking the final later tonight since I just took two of the quizzes like ten minutes ago I figure I should give myself like a 30-45 minute break so I don't get burnt out on effort while taking the final. I am expecting a C in this class as well however I have to put a lot of effort into the final since I missed the midterm and a quiz. I'm pretty disappointed with my performance in this class this semester. I am usually really good about online classes but not this time for some reason. I think because the chapters in the book were so long it was hard for me to remain focused, especially since we were reading two chapters a week. That sucked. Also, traveling a lot this summer didn't really help. I have two classes to get signed up for next Fall. One of them is with a teacher I have this semester and he already told me he would just sign me in manually so I'm going to do that. As soon as I get him to do that I plan on asking him for my grade and a letter to present to the teacher of the other class I need to stay on track for graduation to sign me in to that class as well. We'll see if it works out. 

I got my windshield fixed today. It had a huge crack all the way across it at the top and then another crack that went half way across on the bottom. I went to the cheapest place I was quoted which was like 100 dollars less than the other places and this place has like a lot of advertisement and seemed pretty legit. I realized it wasn't in the best of neighborhoods but I was definitely expecting more than what I got. Needless to say, the place was pretty sketchy but the guys that worked there were nice. I celebrated being alive still after I left with Mark and my ma as a joke. 

Maddoxx wants attention so I must tend to the princess. lol

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