Monday, July 13, 2009

psychedelic 60's artwork

Upon a trip to the Denver Art Museum this past weekend with Mark and his family I have decided that I really like 60's artwork. Even though the majority of the creations were made while the artist was on LSD you have to think back to any piece of art work or literature and its creator, majority of them were also on drugs or alcoholics. Anyways, I really really love Lee Conklin and you should definitely look up some of his pieces if you ever get the chance. I was so excited to make my own psychedelic 60's poster. It turned out really cool I just wish I had more time to be more creative with it. Anyways, good times. You should definitely check out any exhibits nearby if you can. [= [fyi the picture goes with the womans head at the top but I haven't figured out how to rotate it yet]

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