Monday, July 13, 2009


I've come to the realization that moving to Tumblr has resulted in a loss of my own creativity. I don't really put the effort into posting what I'm into or what I have to say because I follow so many others on there that it's hard to keep up with doing both. Anyways, I miss it. I'm not fully returning to blogger however I will be making a come back. Plus. . .I've missed the select few followers I followed on here. I need to get that number up. Any recommendations on any interesting, fun, creative, music, food blogs that I should definitely get to know? Feel free to throw out any suggestions. 

Recent updates. . .let's see. Fourth of the July I went to Nebraska with Mark, Kyle, Tristin, and [SURPRISE SURPRISE] Jessie and Dane. Problems have yet to resolved on my end with them however I could careless in making the attempt because I know that it's going to be a two against one thing instead of a thing that all three of us should being for Mark. I sucked it up and stayed out there besides my instinct to not even go in the first place. I actually lit off some fireworks that reminded me of Harry Potter wands that's mainly the only reason why I lit them off. I'm terribly scared of them because last summer my uncle shot one off at me and it burned my leg, plus I don't want to blow any limbs off. What did you do for the holiday? 

I finally started getting better grades in my inferential stats class tests. The final is Wednesday and I'm hoping that I do well enough on the final that I can bring my grade up at least to a B however if I don't I won't be to disappointed with myself. Despite my rising grades in that class, my online class grades are doing pretty bad. I will probably manage a C in that class as well. For some odd reason this class has been extremely hard for me to keep up in for an online class. I normally really love online classes but this teacher is making me hate them. I'm over summer classes. I want to actually be able to enjoy my time off and get in more hours for work to save up money. 

That's pretty much all I got. I'm doing well. Mark is doing well too. Maddoxx is doing great spoiled little princess he is lol. What's going on in your lives? Sorry I deserted yall


  1. Great to have you back on Blogger, Tumblr was a bit confusing i couldn't figure how to leave a comment to your post until a few days ago lol. Anyway right now im disgustingly deep in the indie music scene if your looking for new music one of the blogs i frequent is:
    Glad your back.

  2. Thanks for the welcome back and the website [=