Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quite tired

Of how critical we are of the stars. I'm tired of seeing people knocking everything a person says, does, wears, thinks, etc etc etc. They're made to entertain us in a positive way. They're not just there for us to cut down and make ourselves feel better about ourselves. If they have fake boobs then fuck they weren't happy with the body God gave them and so they changed it so they could be happy. However shallow that may seem to certain people it don't matter. It ain't your fuckin body so jump off it. If they make sex videos and shit, that's their private business. Who cares what they do in the privacy of their own home?!?!? How would you feel if everything you did that you wanted to be private was deliberately exploited on a day to day basis? Why is it such a sin for them to have sex and to tape something they find sexy or pleasing. How come if a star changes their style or cuts their hair or gets a little bigger or has an eating disorder we see it as the greatest crime they can commit AGAINST US? Why do a lot of us act like just because of what they have done our lives will forever be changed in the worst possible way? "Solange shaved her head and I'm so enraged and disgusted with it". . .did you lose your job, have your pay docked, get demoted. . .anything that lead to the personal destruction of an aspect in your life as a result of her actions? No, THEN FUCKING LEAVE HER ASS ALONE! Many of us have apparently failed to realize a major important life lesson. People are going to do WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANT TO DO. Regardless of how it affects your life, even if it does affect your life, you're life is going to keep on trucking along. Just because you decided to make them feel like shit because of something they did, like getting a boob job or cutting off their hair or making a sex video does not mean that they're going to think twice about it the next time something similar comes up. The one thing that will change is how they go about doing it. 

In a few short words. . .everyone is trying to be FAMOUS. But I believe that once they get there they regret it to some extent. Once famous, every aspect of your life is on display. You may be striving to be a good role model and just because you had a "dark moment" in your bedroom with your loved one you're suddenly ostracized. FUCK THAT! I NEVER EVER WANT TO BE FAMOUS! I could not deal with the publicity. I do not want anyone up in my life telling everyone else about every fucking move I make, every sound I make, every thought I have etc etc etc. Get the fuck off people's nuts. Focus on getting your life together and living it to the fullest. . .because I'm pretty positive that if that's what you focus on instead of how devastating it was for you when Solange shaved her head. . .you're going to enjoy life just that much more. 

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