Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today I learned. . .

Of the old woman "Mean Girls Clique" at my job. On Friday, I was reported by a fellow coworker for wearing an inappropriate shirt. I knew I was reported by her because a friend of mine that also works there overheard her discussing my outfit and how she deemed it inappropriate and would be reporting me. I was wearing a pink tank top with gold sequins that are on the top sleeves only. The tank top was pulled up so that it was not hanging low and therefore it was not revealing. My manager called me into her office and addressed my top. She told me "It was inappropriate attire." I asked what was inappropriate about it, was I not allowed to wear tank tops or what. She said "No. The tank top style is allowed and you are allowed to wear bright colors, however the sequins are inappropriate." As there is a minimal amount of sequins I questioned the honesty behind this. She continued saying "Frankly, now don't take offense to this but, you look like a defendant. You look like you are going out for a night on the town." I was deeply offended by her defendant comment. I feel like she was insinuating that I look like a criminal, or I look trashy, or I look unfit to be working there. I then confronted my manager on the issue of what I was told about being reporter. I asked her if I had been reported and if so by whom? She responded that no one had reported me but that it was something that she just noticed. I thought this weird and asked her why she noticed today because I have worn the shirt many times before and have not received a complaint about it before. I told her I knew that someone had reported me because I had overheard that someone was going to. She said no, no one had reported me then asked what I had heard. I told her the same as above that I was told that someone would be reporting me. She said again that no one had reported me that it was just something she had noticed. I again confronted her saying that I did not understand because there were several other people wearing the same style shirt and they had not been addressed. Another bailiff Sandy was wearing a yellow tank top with a black bra showing underneath and then a probation officer was wearing a teal, low cut, scrunched tank top. I then walked out of her office FURIOUSLY PISSED! Her policies are inconsistent and unfair. She has different standards for those who are among her clique and those have take precedence. One of the bailiffs wears whatever she wants and looks like trash majority of the time. We have a business casual dress code and today she was wearing a t shirt with drawings and words and sequins all over it that is inappropriate. She also wears a brown raggedy jacket with hood [not allowed] with sequins. I have been reprimanded for wearing a plain grey jacket with no visible hood. I am in the middle of building up my report with pictures and junk so I can report it. 

However, Sandy came in and explained to me today that this is nothing new for this job. She is the sweetest thing but they have been harassing her for some time. They draw pictures of cows and leave them on her desk and pictures of stretchy pants with 22 inch waist wrote on them calling her fat [which she isn't]. They left a voicemail on her phone calling her a slut and accusing her of sleeping around with particular judges, city attorneys, and more because she refused to go to drinks with them one night because she had a date. They made her date a scandalous situation even though she is single. She is reporting them now because she was standing in the hall with one of them when another one walked by, hit her in the head with a stack of papers, smiled at her little accomplice seemingly happy with her actions and knowing that it gave her accomplice pleasure as well. What's said is that a judge is actually involved in these actions. It's a judge, a court reporter or two, a couple of bailiffs, my manager I don't know her title, and a receptionist for the city attorneys. It's so surprising how far high school and middle school behavior extends out into the real world. I'm not surprise to be experiencing this behavior in a way though because I am expecting to be harassed when I become an officer simply because I am a woman. Oh well. People will quickly learn that I am not easily scared or intimidated and that I don't stand for this type of behavior. These old ass hags will not run me off the job like they have done to two other people that started working there the same time that I started working there. If anything, they're going to face their greatest challenge in me. Everything they do and say will not be recorded. I am bringing cameras and tape recorders to work and I will make an effort to make sure they know that what they are doing, how they are behaving, is unacceptable in my eyes and that I am not the type of person they should have started trying to walk all over. Karma is  bitch and when enough reports get stacked up on their asses. . .eventually something is going to be done. . .even if I have to go to the head of the whole court and point it out to her myself the shit that is going on in her court.

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