Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter/ Transformer's 2

I have midnight tickets for Mark and I and am soooo excited. I haven't read or looked at or heard any reviews over it and I want to keep it that way. I don't want my experience to be tainted. I wanted to re-read the book before I saw the movie but I don't have the time for it so hopefully they don't leave out any crucial points that I miss because of it. 

I didn't post anything here on Transformers 2 because I just disowned blogger lol. However, if you haven't seen it you are a serious disappointment in my eyes and you are keeping from yourself something so awesome and amazing!!! You need to see it. . .several times. I have only seen it once since it came out but my schedule has been pretty packed. I'm sure I will find some more time to watch it because when the first one came out I watched it five times in theatres and then I would watch it everyday when I got home on joox and when it came out on DVD. I LOVE Transformers. Mark bought me a bobblehead Bubblebee yesterday. . .he's so freaking cool! I'm figuring out how to put it on my dash in my car because I call my car the transformer. She even makes her own noise when she starts going fast and all lmao! Oh if you only knew!! I have a '93 toyota corolla [=. LOVE IT! Only ever had one major problem with it, besides a flat tire once. 

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