Friday, May 22, 2009


for another tattoo. I have one on my right side of a dove. I love doves and it symbolizes my determinism to be successful in everything I do in life. On my left side I would like this flower design I found. It's two flowers that symbolize my sister and I and then a tribe symbol connecting them that symbolizes my brother. Then I think on my arm I would like to have an image of my cleats because of how important soccer has been throughout my entire life. I'm not sure if that's where they will go though I may find a better spot. 

I think tattoos are amazingly sexy. The best location on males is on their neck. I tried to convince Mark to get one there but he is definitely not having it lol. He does have the tattoo that he wants in mind and as soon as it gets designed properly it's going to be AMAZING and SEXY! I'm excited for him lol. 

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