Friday, May 22, 2009

Quickie. . .

I am very disappointed with my grades this summer. I am normally and A and B student however I got B's in all four classes. Proud that I am done with them all and do not have to retake anything or anything like that but I expected A's in at least two. Definitely motivation to work harder this summer on the classes I am in. They start the 26th of this month which I'm not too happy about because I'll be in Mexico still. I actually have to take my laptop and my book for one because I have a test due on the 30th that's online. I really need to work hard in this one certain class because I need it for a prerequisite to another class I am praying to God doesn't close before I can sign up for it in the Fall. If I don't get this class I won't graduate on time. I'll be PISSED!!!! 

I am getting about 2100 back on the loan. . .so that's nice. I have to go pick up that check as well as my paycheck from the store today. 

On another hand, I'm infuriated with my ma. The other day I came home and she had an attitude with me for no reason. She went on to say how I am so disrespectful all the time to both her and my dad but would not tell me how. However, when I try to bring up anything that she has done wrong or disrespectful to me. . .it is ALWAYS my fault. She can not accept responsibility for her own actions, but yet expects me to? It's quite unfair. On top of that, she did the most disrespectful thing a parent can do to their child. She told me that I would be unsuccessful in my future. Unforgivable by my standards. I really want nothing to do with her in my future mostly because she doesn't regret saying it and further more she is not apologetic for it. Regardless of how she is disrespectful I can admit my wrong doings and would be more than happy to however she refuses to do the same and I think it's only fair if it's an equal thing. No matter what with her, she is always in the right, never does or says anything wrong and it is ALWAYS YOUR FAULT. Ridiculous. I'm so sick and tired of it. 

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