Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Are My Rock.

I'm such a train wreck. I'm such a bitch to you sometimes. . .mean to you for no reason without warning. I'm so impatient and demanding. I can be confusing. . .I can be neglectful at times, but at other times I can nag. 

You are so patient. You are so understanding. You are so accepting. You are so generous. You are so open minded. You are so thoughtful. You are so real. You are so full of knowledge. You are so romantic. You are so old-school. You have such a great humor. You are so caring. You are so deserving of so much more. You teach me how to be a better me. You make me feel like the women I know I want to and can be. You accept my flaws. 

I want you to know that I think about you almost all day. I am constantly happy to be around you which is weird for me because the only other person I can be around so much is Tina. I haven't questioned my feelings for you in a while. There is no emotional roller coasters with you. . .I mean we've had one serious argument that was easily solved. I know for certain that I do not want to lose you, despite the fact that I still hold back [lol i think that is solvable as well]. I want to give you every part of me but I'm scared to take that jump. Everything else comes so easy with you and I love that about our relationship. This is by far the best relationship I've ever had. I'm so incredibly happy. . .just simply to have such an amazing man apart of my life. . .wonderful. . .amazing. . .

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