Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Police Officer

I just wanted to explain how badly I want to be a police officer. I can not even begin to explain the feelings that go through my entire body when I think about my future in this career. I don't really know why my desire is so strong for this but I'm glad that it is and I take pride in the fact that I have a definite plan on where I want to go with my life. A lot of people laugh at me when I tell them I want to be a police officer because I'm 5'2" and I weight like 120 lbs so I don't seem like the typical officer and I guess it doesn't seem like I will have the strength and authority to handle the people I will have to deal with. I'll admit that because I have no freaking motivation to work out I am pretty weak, especially my upper body, and I have full intentions on working on this but I just need to get some time after classes for this semester and before the summer semester starts in order to obtain this motivation. I just find it really offensive when people laugh at me because its so disrespectful to discount someone's abilities. Anyways. . .I just thought I would touch on the amazing feelings that I have when I think about myself as being a police officer. 

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