Monday, May 18, 2009

The Hills


I give the marriage 6 months tops. They have no friends because they have managed to isolate each other from everyone they had. . .they're so dependent on each I could honestly say that they probably do have a abnormal psychological issue with dependency on each other. It's quite pathetic as well. I can't believe that Heidi would allow her self to be made a fool of time after time as well as just drop her best friends for some lame ass dude. So disappointing because I know in the back of her mind she still knows she can do so much better. And, a SHITTY as proposal for someone who is afraid of heights. . ."oh I'll take her on a ferrace wheel. . ." I would have had a panic attack and probably started crying. Not only is Heidi dumb for dropping her friends but she proved herself a materialistic retard by saying that the ring he gave her was her favorite thing in the whole world and that it CURED their relationship basically. Pull your fucking head out of the clouds Heidi. . .this is not going to be fairy tale come true where you get to live happily ever after. 

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