Friday, May 15, 2009

White House|Black Market

I quit today. I went in and told them I did not go to the training session because I felt that my final was more important and that school is my first priority and it was unfair of them to not acknowledge that. Her response was that they were flexible with me for my request for Mexico and everything else so they expected me to be flexible with them and I explained that vacation and school are seperate. She was pissed but I expected her to be. . .they have to rearrange their WHOLE schedule now. I'm definitely happier now though. I told the courts today that I would have a new schedule for them since I was quitting my second job so hopefully I'll be able to pick up more hours. We'll see though. I'm waiting to see if I really want another second job until I figure out my class load, whether or not I really want to volunteer with the police department. I wish the economy wasn't so bad so I could just work at like a bar on the weekends but other people who are looking for jobs that are more available will be hired over me for sure. =[

Poor Tina still hasn't found a job yet. I feel bad for her because it's been so long and although her dad told her its okay for her to ask for money from him she does not want to have to do that because she does not want to have to be dependant on him. I totally understand that but at the same time she failed to explain to him that he was hindering her from getting a job by throwing a fit when she told him that she was going back to Texas for a couple months to work at a summer camp. I don't know. . .California just apparently is a really hard place to find a job right now. Our friend Becky is considering joining the Navy because it's so bad. I keep giving Tina options that she can try out and its so frustrating because she's like no. . .I won't like that. . .blah blah blah. It's stupid because she should just be trying to get whatever she can get. I get frustrated because I feel that she hasn't been trying all of the outlets that she has available but I also know how frustrating it is to be without a job. I just gotta pray for her and hope she gets something soon because I hate knowing how unhappy my best friend is.

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