Friday, May 1, 2009

The United States News

If you haven't stopped reading or watching the United States News casts you know you need to. They are all so biased and dramatic and out of control. The proof is obvious with this swine flu epidemic. They are blowing up a string of influenza, otherwise known as the flu, as like a break out of a highly contagious disease like AIDS that you can catch just from breathing. They're reporting about all the deaths in Mexico, where there is HORRIBLE health care, and neglecting to report that cases that have popped up outside of Mexico have been treated and have had a FULL recovery. The news picks and chooses the worst sounding material and decides that it is what you want to hear or see. They're casts aren't really as informational as they seem because they leave so many details out. The stories they decide to cover that are positive or shed good light seem so forced and fake. . .they're just time fillers for the lack of more dramatic shit that they have to report on. The US news is not your only source of being informed about what is going on around our world. Personally, I read and watch the BBC News. I would recommend watching this or any other news that is outside of the United States and has no political affiliation here. 

As for the Swine Flu and any scheduled trips to Mexico. . .I would say go. . .as long as you have safe health care. If you do get sick watch out for stronger symptoms, especially pneumonia like symptoms and other breathing problems. Once you do think you are sick wear a mask and practice very good hygiene and see a doctor. You CAN be TREATED and you CAN be CURED and you CAN have a FULL RECOVERY, however you will not be immune to it ever because there are so many different strings of the flu they can't design an immunity. [if I do decide to go based off a separate matter] I will still go as long as the border stays open, which I honestly don' believe that it will close based on the fact that the World Health Organization is advising against closing any borders as well as Obama. The US is just trying to scare people out of going to Mexico because they want to boost tourism in the US therefore boosting only our economy. Suprise Surprise the US is so selffissshhh!

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