Thursday, May 14, 2009

Qutting. . .

I will be quitting White HouseBlack Market tomorrow. I really am against their policies of forcing items that aren't needed onto people in order for the store to profit. It's hard times and making people spend money that they may not really have or money that they may need later makes me feel guilty. I guess because it would really bother me if I went into a store where the workers were shoving things into my fitting room getting me to spend as much moeny as possible. I think that if I was personally benefitting from it more than what I am. . .because if we make an over 201.00 dollar sale we make a BONUS that increases as the amount of the sale increases. It starts out at a dollar. WOOPTY FREAKIN DOO. Also, I realized that they feel they are my first priority, which is DEFINITELY WRONG! My first priority is school and I had a final today. I also was required to attend a training session during the time that I had to be turning in a paper for a final. My managers insisted on me pushing my paper off onto someone else so that I could attend the training. Although I did do this and still did not attend because I could not find the place, I feel that they have failed to acknowledge that they are not the top priority. I think its a better decision to quit this job as well because I think during the summer and next fall, if I get the classes I want, I will hopefully be able to pick up more hours at the courts which would be great. They pay more. . .I love the job. . .and they know and respect my priorities. I think that if the opportunity presents itself I may consider taking on another job at somewhere like a bar where I can make a lot of fast cash to save. I don't want to jump into anything though until I know what my class load is going to be like for both semesters. Tomorrow is the day. I am scheduled to work but despite the feeling that I get of me being rude by not giving a two week notice I think it's only fair when they were so inconsiderate of my school. Wish me luck.

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