Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazing Race. . .

OMG! I am so freakin disappointed you don't even know. I was soooo rooting for Margie and Luke, the mom and deaf son from Colorado, to win. I think they were such an amazing team that you can not even begin to break the bond that they developed. I can't believe that Luke took so long on the road block. I really wish he had asked Victor instead of Cara because that is what allowed the two stupid red headed evil ass bitches to take second place. I can't believe that Victor and Tammy even won because Luke was SOO far ahead in the last challenge. I'm atleast very happy that them two bitches Jaime and Cara did not win. I don't even know why they were allowed on the show. They were so rude to EVERYONE! They don't deserve to travel around the world because they do not accept different cultures and languages for what they are. I can't believe how disrespectful they were to others throughout the whole race. They did not deserve second place and they should have been disqualified for the way they treated people. I hope they watch themselves and realize how much of an ass they made of themselves. They showed their true colors and I hope the people who were friends with them realized the kind of people they really are. Anyways. . .I nearly cried when I didn't see Luke and Margie standing on the platform as the first team to arrive, winning a million dollars. They won some great prizes though. Tammy and Victor freakin' DOMINATED so good for them. Congratulations to them on winning and a clean, fair, and respectful race. They're hard work and great sportsmanship definitely deemed them deserving of the great prizes and trips that they won as well as the million dollars. 

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