Monday, May 4, 2009

Gold Digger Controversy

I decided what to do with the whole gold digger assumption deal with Mark. This whole situation is our first fight in the 7 to 8 months [who is really counting anyways lol] that we have been together. . .I think that relationships are much healthier with fights so that's a plus. Mark is my rock, literally. I am one of the most independent people I know however this is the happiest I have ever been in a relationship. My feelings for him are legit and there is no possible way that I could just flatline him. Plus, he's a really amazing person and a great friend as well so even if I had decided to break up I value his friendship so flatlining would be uncalled for. My first instinct to flatline someone who offends me is because I am the type of person to not let ANYONE walk all over or offend me in any way and allow them to just get away with it like it's nothing. I stand up for myself and my beliefs and I take pride in the fact that I am very opinionated and am not scared to speak up. Mark and I are definitely staying together and there's NO FUCKING WAY I'm not going to Mexico. Today, I was really bored in court so I drew a picture for all us who are going of Cancun, Mexico with us on the beach with a beer pong table and an open bar with unlimited alcohol. It's freakin awesome. . .there's a shark in the water with little fishies and a boat lol. Maybe I'll upload it later when I take a picture of it. For now though, things are normal and going great as usual. 

Separate updates. . .this is Dead Week for me so this is technically my last day of classes and next week is finals week. I only have two finals because one is a take home final and the other is a group project. Nice! I am looking into finding a scholarship through the local police department that I would like to work at for next year. Hopefully they have one if not I gotta try and get some grants and other scholarships. I am also looking into applying for the Honors Society for my last year. . .I know I should have applied way sooner but I just am so doubtful of getting accepting and having wasted my time applying. Looking forward to success! 

Now I must watch The Hills!

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