Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just want to address how badly I hate when people smoke around me. It's absolutely disgusting and inconsiderate. In fact, I have resolved to tell, not ask because I feel it's totally rude to not go somewhere else in the first place, people to not smoke around me at all. I completely agree with Colorado's law of no smoking in public businesses and whatnot and I really think that we need to do away with cigarette production altogether. However, the likelyhood of something like that happening is extremely unlikely.

I have asthma and allergies and I can't stand the smell of the shit during and after a person smokes. If you smoke near me and I cuss you out don't get surprised. That shit is totally selfish. My manager smokes and he stinks so bad that when he comes near me I have to cover my nose and mouth so that I can't smell him because it makes me sick to my stomach. I am working on my own health and don't need someone else to detoriate it by smoking around me and giving me second hand smoke. I dealt with working in Bingo halls before smoking was prohibited and if I didn't get use to that shit then, then there is no chance of me ever getting use to it. I thank my boyfriend a 982938938595958987753 times for quitting smoking. He didn't do it for me, but if he hadn't quit smoking I don't think I would have gave him much of a chance of being with me and I am incredibly happy with him.

Now instead of just bitching about how badly smoking affects me I want anyone who reads this that smokes to take a look at your options for quitting. I know how hard a feat it is to quit something that is like a drug addiction, but imagine the happiness that you can bring not only to yourself, but to the others that are in and around your life. Check out,, or even

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