Friday, January 23, 2009

New Job

So I finally started my new job today at the Aurora Municipal Courts. I was suppose to start last Friday but I had the flu and was unfortuantely unable to. Apparently I missed some welcome party that they held because they hired three other people so they had some party or something. Anyways, basically I am a baliff but my official title is a courtroom assistant. There is a lot of components to the courts because there are different divisions and the divisions cover different types of cases at different times but I'll explain what I do each day and hopefully it'll be better to understand.

So today I was in division three. In the morning I have to go through specific duties opening the court room and preparing it, making sure that it is ready and open. I have to go and pick up the dockets for the day and then as the defendants come in to the court room I grab their jacket and I give it to the court room reporter so she can check them into the computer. In the mornings we deal with Adult Arraignments, which if anyone doesn't know, arraignments are the first time people appear in court and make their plea of guilty or not guilty. After arraignments we see domestic violence arraignments. By then we should be closed for lunch. In the afternoon we have Walk-In Court where people can come in early for their arraignments, deal with warrants or money issues, etc. And then finally we deal with pretrials and contempt reviews. Through out the day, as cases are closed or addressed, the judge will hand them over to me I will stamp a date on the papers and the papers "jacket" and then I "tube" the files over to case management. Pretty simple, easy, and relaxed job. It will have some good entertainment times as well with the type of cases that we will be seeing hahahaha! So far the people are really nice, welcoming, and helpful.

I don't forsee any stressful situations like when I worked at the ambulance dispatch job, THANK GOD! I am just hoping for as many hours as I can possibly get really, because really my second job is already telling me that they aren't going to have that much work for me. I need the money but I'm not complaining too much because if I'm picking up a lot of hours at the courts then I'm going to have to go to the other job on the weekends and I don't like working weekends anymore. I like to relax and enjoy the time I don't have to be at campus or work.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my new position so far and I am looking forward to working there. It's a great foot in the door for working for the police department if I decide to work for Aurora. Actually in fact, I think this position will look good on my resume to any department, just good experience overall. The only downfall of this position I think is going to be the early start. I have to be there at 730 and I am definitely not a morning person but I think that I'll eventually get use to it. So yay for a new job. For those who are out there still looking for one, just keep your head up, make sure you get your name out there as much as possible, use all of your resources [friends, family, temp agencies, etc.]. Although the economy is bad, there are jobs out there so just keep trying! Good luck!

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