Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I decided to revert back to an old template for my layout because I don't really like that other div as much as I like something that is simple. I'm still working on understanding the whole gadgets application and asking for advice on how to get a music player up and running. Hopefully I can get this finished pretty soon. I would like an image for a header that has Skinny Bitch in a nicer font but, we'll see if I can find someone to make the image as well as help me figure out how to put it in place of my current and original header.

I saw two of the greatest videos I've ever seen from youtube today. One was a Beyonce "Single Ladies" and Barack Obama pun. The other was a clip from a Family Guy episode that even though I am extremely addicted it seems I haven't seen. As soon as I figure out how to post those without having to save and upload them I will do so.

Now, the reading away of my life must continue. Back to homework

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