Friday, January 30, 2009

Problem with the courts. . .]=

So I'm a little frustrated with this new job for one reason: I'm a "relief" assistant basically so our chief baliff puts up the schedule for the month of February. . .guess how many days I am working. . .TWO literally only two days. Needless to say. . .I'm pretty pissed because I really like this job it's really easy, it's a great foot in the door, but the amount of hours that they are going to have are not going to cut it. Granted I may pick up more hours if someone calls in sick or asks to go on vacation or whatever, but still. . .that's maybe like once every couple of weeks I think. I really like the job and I doubt that I will just give it up, but this means that I just have to find ANOTHER job because I'm trying to save up money, not only for a trip to Vegas in April, but just to save in general. Unfortunately, I have to get a third one because the amount of work that the tax agency is going to have for me is decreasing a lot because tax season is nearly over and they don't have much for me to do really. Kind of sucks but hopefully I'll find something that will be well paid, easy, and convenient. ]=

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