Thursday, January 22, 2009

14 Month Lease

So. . .my first apartment lease is up at the end of February and in order to keep the same rent rate at my apartments we have to sign a 14 month lease. I think that the lease length is ridiculously long. . .I would be okay with a yr lease, which is too much different, but the number 14 is so big and my fear of commitment in every aspect of my life is holding me back. Today, the thought came to mind that I am trying to save money and paying rent, cable, electricity is not helping me do that. So, in my crazy mind I came up with the idea of moving back into my parents house in order to save money.

Now, I say crazy because although I am 21, if I move into my parents house I am going to have a curfew. It's extremely aggravating, although the majority of the time I go out, it's with Mark and I normally just stay the night with him. However, the whole idea of having a curfew is out of respect for my parents basically, so they don't have to stay up all night wondering where we are and whenever we are coming home or when we do come home we aren't waking them up. If my brother or sister were to move in, even they would have a curfew. Another down side is that I'm seeing my parents everday and the nagging won't stop lol. I'm not really saving money towards any specific goal so there's no amount of money that I am shooting for, but I think that it would be smarter for me while in still in school to live with my parents rent, electricity, and cable free and save money. As long as am in school my parents will provide a roof over my head for free and I think that I should take advantage of that for as long as I can. I'm a little nervous of what fights and other things could explode from living with them, but I think in the long run it will be worth it.

On top of a really long lease that I'm not comfortable signing, Tina is trying to move up here. And hopefully, she gets here sooner rather than later and I recently found out that she may be coming alone so therefore she is going to need a roommate and I definitely am not going to make her live with some random new person over me. I don't really want to move my stuff again, but once again. . .it will be worth it in the end. I don't mind living with my brother, had no problems and it's not that I can't afford to live on my own it's just that I would rather save up some money while I can otherwise the feeling of never having enough money is never going to end. In the end, I think this is going to be the best decision for the time being. Now, I just have to run the idea by my parents and see what they say.

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