Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fake Merchandise

Did you know that fake brand name merchandise are responsible for the loss of 750,000 American jobs? I read an article in a magazine at work the other day that was about counterfeit, pirated, or fake mechandise. 7% of our annual world trade, that is $600 billion worth, is counterfeit or pirated. In September of 2007, authorities confiscated close to 160,000 pairs of fake Nike sneakers at an estimated cost of $7.1 million thru an under cover operation. Customs and Border Protection agents intercepted 357 shipments of fake goods worth $71.4 million at the Los Angeles-Long Beach seaport. In October of 2007, former President Bush signed the Pro-Ip Act which establishes increased penalties for counterfeits and strengthens those for sellers of fake goods that cause harm or death. It also granted up to 25 million annually to law enforcement agencies to develop anticounterfeiting programs. Criminals are beginning to practice "finishing" here they legally ship in generic items, then have workers, mostly illegal immigrants, stamp, embroider, or attach the logo. They put logos on whatever they think will sell, which is pretty much everything. The amount of fake merchandise in NY's Chinatown and LA's The Alleys is ridiculous. I've seen it all first hand. . .although they are at great prices and do look pretty close to being real. . .they are crappy and dangerous. I use to love getting that stuff, but once I starting getting the real deal things my desire for the cheap completely changed and the luxurious real models are what I yearn for lol. [= The article provided some tips on how to spot a fake and also the author wrote a book about how luxury has lost its lust [author's name is Dana Thomas ], the tips are below. . .

How To Spot A Fake:
1. Question the price [if its too cheap, then its no bueno]
2. Know the dealer [even Ebay and Walmart have been caught selling fake merchandise]
3. Examine the details [straight stitching?, well made?, edges match up?, polished rivets or cheap screws?, glue residue?]
4. Signature marks[know what the authentic logos look like and look for authentic stamps]
5. Beware of cross pollination [for example: prade triangles on chanel-like stitching]
6. Check the Authentics Foundation []

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