Friday, January 30, 2009

Doo Doo Head Dummy

So today I've had a blonde-moment day. My doo doo head dummy moments have accompanied all thru out the day and I have thoroughly enjoyed making fun of myself. I am in a great mood tonight, despite knowing that I am gettting a stupid cold. I got my new computer battery so I no longer have to be tethered to the wall and wires of my computer charger in order to use my computer. I am going to be much smarter about this battery and not leave my charger on my computer all the time because that's how my last one got burnt out. I also received my blackberry replacement! yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy. If any of you have talked to me on the phone or seen me talking on the phone lately you probably noticed that I have been using the speaker phone. That was because I dropped my phone in the toilet [clean water] and a cup of vodka and juice on two seperate occasions and although it was still working somehow on both times [without the white sticky saying there had been water damage] I ruined the speaker and the only way I could hear people talking to me was if I used the speaker phone. Quite aggravating to me and to others around me. Also, I'm playing around with this replaceent phone and it is way better. It has features that my other phone didn't and I got my other phone from Car Toys and not through T Mobile so I think Car Toys ripped me off. Fuckin' bastard children. Oh well. Anyways, so I got those two things taken care of. I also found out that this morning I failed to lock Mark's apartment when I left for work. I'm such a retard because I know he has a bad history with people breaking into his residence and stealing his stuff and I'm leaving an open door invitation basically. I apologized and told him to revoke my key privelege. It won't happen again though. . .I wouldn't be able to handle it if something happened because of my own carelesslness. I turned the key one way and didn't hear anything so I turned it the other way and heard a click and had so much stuff in my hands that I failed to check to see if the door was actually locked so yeah. Thankfully, there were no incidents. [=. When I pulled into work after lunch today I was paying attention to my apple and not where I was going to park so I drove around the parking lot for a little while and then attempted to pull into this parking spot unsuccessfully several times. Yeah I'm sure I looked special. Today was just my special day.

I worked in Division 2 this morning again and then in the afternoon I switched to Division 6. Nothing different in what I was doing. However, I don't like working with that judge really. She talks quite fast and she doesn't really seem to care too much. On the other hand though, I don't like working with the Baliff who is training me in Division 2. He like expects me to follow him around like a little puppy everywhere he goes. That drives me nuts. I think he's just trying to be really friendly, but I'm not that type of person. . .I need my space and I don't like cling ons. A lot of the people who work there make the job seem to be a lot harder than what it really is and I know they've been there longer and have more experience but I just don't think it's hard, like at all. lol. One of the reporters told me to wait for a "hellish day" and then I'll change my mind so we'll see. I have to go to my tax job tomorrow. . .they have some work for me, thank God since I'm not on the courts schedule til like the week after next. [smh still frustrated about that and actually one of the new people mentioned that she was frustrated about it as well this morning.]

We're having a Super Bowl Party on Sunday. I'm making jello-shots and 7 layer bean dip. Yay I'm excited. Jessie comes in tomorrow. This shall be very interesting. I really hope it works out! I'm definitely here for her if it doesn't though because I know that if I were in her situation and something were to go wrong, I would hope that atleast one person would be there to lend a hand to me if needed. Mark and I had some good conversation last night at dinner. I like having controversial discussions with him because they are always very intellectual and I don't feel like we go in circles. I do need to learn how to express what I'm thinking in better terms so that I don't get misunderstood though. I really like how he understands where I coming from on certain things just because of the type of person that I am and the type of personality that I have. [= I'm going to bed here soon. . .quite tired and I am trying to defeat this cold before it gets any worse. . . stupid sicknesses. . .need to stay away from people so I stop catching this crap. Really frustrating because before I got the flu, I hadn't been sick in a really long time and then I get that stupid nasty bug and now apparently it seems like they're just going to keep trailing one right after the other. I shall overcome! Have a good weekend. [=

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