Monday, January 26, 2009

Complete Exhaustion

I still really want a bichon and malti poo mixed puppy. They're expensive but maybe when I move back home and save up some money I can finally be successful at convincing Mark to get one with me. I know he'll fall in love it once he spends some time with it. Hahahaha. . .I will convince you one day babe. . .I am determined. [=

So last night I went to sleep far too late to be waking up at 6 am to get ready for work. I was pretty sleepy through out the whole day. I worked at the courts again today. . .same division. We didn't have too many arraignments, then we had 9 domestic violence arraignments, and then only 12 walk-ins. Not too busy for a Monday, but I think this shitty as weather had a big hand in that. I got some new recipes today from a co-workers Better Homes magazines. They sound and look pretty good so I'm excited about them. I will post the recipes at another time. Everyone blows this job [in particular working in division three] out of proportion to me and makes it seem a lot more complicated than what it really is. It's kind of weird and I have to wonder if I just haven't got the full experience yet. I don't really want to go to class tomorrow, but I just need to stop being lazy. For a couple weeks I had really good motivation. . .doing both my abs and yoga work outs, not whining about having to go to class, not cheating on my diet. I need to find that motivation again. . .I need to follow my rules really lol. I'm watching Anthony Bourdain's show. I love this guy. His personality is one of a kind and he gets to travel to all the places I would love to go to and try all the amazing differents foods. I'm so jealous. . .wish I could get into what he does but I don't think I'm much of a television personality and don't think I would make enough money to support my habits without a t.v. show doing a show like that. sad day. I'm quite tired so I think I'm going to sleep early tonight. . .Enjoy your night [=.

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