Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Mixed President

So as are a lot of people around the world, I am very excited for the new President, Barack Obama. I have high hopes for a successful administration and expect that he will put his best foot forward in dealing with everything that he faces. Unfortunately, his predecessor has left him with a huge amount of problems to deal with on his plate. . .and I don't believe that Obama will solve them all, but I'm sure he'll take some swings at them atleast. I was wondering the following though throughout the day of the inauguration and the day before:

Why is everyone portraying Obama as "superman"? I expect him to do a lot but we need to keep realistic expectations of what he is going to be capable of achieving while he is in office.

Where is all the sudden support coming from? A lot more people seem to be supportive of him now. Don't get me wrong, this is a great thing!

What are people expecting him to address first? What do they think his priority list is?

Are people expecting an attempt of assissination on Obama at any time of his time in office?

I wanted to also point out how the fighting in Gaza was put on hold for Obama's inauguaration. The mere election of Obama has had a huge impact not just on the history of the U.S. but the world. Many countries celebrated the fact that we elected him and the idea that violent fighting could be placed on hold for him alone says a lot about the impact he has had already worldwide.

News stations were asking whether the fact that we have our first black president has finalized and fulfilled Martin Luther King's "Dream". . .I personally believe the steps toward fulfilling that dream have been taken but we aren't there yet. I definitely think with the success of our new President those steps will come smoother and quicker, not in leaps and bounds, but a huge difference from our previous slow progression.

I heard someone say "the days of tit for tat have to end" andI think getting Bush out is a huge ste towards progress in that area simply because I believe his attack on the Middle East was based on revenge for the attempt on his father's life.

There was over $ 28 million spent on security alone. At 11 a.m. on the day of the inauguration, there were no reports of any incidents. The only threat I heard of was from a lady who said her son was bringing a bomb on the Jersey Turnpike. They pulled him over and there was nothing. The security organizers said they would rather apologize for over security then have to apologize for something they could have prevented.

Medically. . . during the inauguration there were only 30 transports out of 94 calls.

Anyways, I look forward to the changes! I wish Obama and his administration the best of luck! Stay positive in the hard times, because you can only go so low, before you have to come back up! [=

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