Sunday, September 13, 2009


okay obviously Kanye West is a horrible part of the music industry. He has NO RESPECT whatsoever for any other genre other than the auto tune/hip hop/rap bull shit that he makes and produces ie kid cudi and drake. It's quite pathetic that he would make such a huge ass of himself but at least he shows his true colors to music fans and we can learn not to support those who don't support the success of others. Too bad he didn't win, but get over you're disgusting ego.

Next, Pink's performance was awesome and I absolutely want to see her in concert. Mark and I just talked about that today actually.

Lady Gaga is weird but I like it! that red outfit she was wearing reminded me of the SLIM JIM guy hahahahahahaah. Look up a picture of him if you can't remember him. Her performance was fuckin' strange as well and the media is going to have a hey day with it. Her final outfit was just retarded looking. . .I want to understand the thought processes she goes through when she choses what she will wear.

Beyonce, of course, was amazing. Her performance was beautiful and HAWT and I loved how much cleavage she was showing. She showed her amazing personality and true classiness when she allowed Taylor to finish her thank you speech.

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of what everyone was wearing

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance was phenomenal, like expected. Not quite sure why Lil' Mama just popped up but whatever if she wanted to rep then let it be. That is all [=

Oh btw. . .MJ tribute was also super AMAZING!!! I loved Janet Jackson's performance. . .very touching!

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