Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I got. . .

The Blue Print 3 [= in all its amazing-ness. However, I have yet to listen to it.

I finished watching Quarantine. I freakin LOVED it!!! I don't usually watch Zombie movies but because this one had such a great ending I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend watching it!!

Mark's watching this video of a kid ridding a roller coaster for the first time I assume. . .for the first couple of seconds his facial expressions and reactions are what I feel when I face heights lol. Good stuff. It's on college humor but I'm not sure what it's under.

Anyways. . .I have nothing good to post about currently. I won a game of poker tonight on a pair of three's and a pair of seven's. . .lol pure luck. [= I am doing so much better. I pride myself on being a quick learner.

If you have not seen the new AIDS campaign that is DEFINITELY NOT SHOWN in THE US you need to see it. It involves very sexual images and Hilter. Go look it up =]

Until tomorrow.

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