Monday, September 7, 2009

Fashion Capitals of the World

So I've decided that although I'm not a fashion guru obsessor I am obsessed with fashion. I like to wear the latest styles because they make me feel good about myself. I don't care about impressing other people or trying to show off the money that I don't have by buying the stuff that I can't really afford. I believe in the quote that goes something a long the lines of making yourself look good makes YOU feel good and that's important to me.

I realize that I spend far too much money on shopping HOWEVER I pride myself on my control because I don't do as bad as some women do. I am a compulsive shopper but that is because I was raised to always get what I want. Whatever I wanted, my parents let me get it whether they got it for me or they made me work to get it. . .it was mine. It's nice to know that not everything was just handed to me so I have the safety of knowing that I have to earn the shit I really want. I also am proud of myself because I'm 21 and have 0 CREDIT CARDS. I recently applied for some but was denied and for good reasons since I don't have a job anymore. Either way though, the CC's were OFF LIMITS FOR SHOPPING! They were to be for use like going out to dinner or getting Maddoxx food. . .easy stuff to pay off quickly. I wish I had the money to spend on more stuff. . .I wouldn't buy the most expensive stuff because I can get almost the EXACT SAME STUFF for cheaper. I recently discovered a really cute line by Miley Cyrus at Wal-Mart. . .she has good taste for me [= even though I don't like her voice.

Anyways. . .I am so THANKFUL I don't live in the fashion capitals though because otherwise I would spend SO MUCH MORE MONEY!!!! I am addicted to fashion and addicted to shopping but there's no WAY IN HELL I could resist it if I lived in any fashion capital! hahahah I think I might do some "shopping" tonight [=

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