Saturday, September 12, 2009

Full Blown Break Down

Mark and I came to the Springs last night to help out his parents watch their dog while they went out of town. I was really excited to come because I have been dying to go to this dance spot called Blondies that's only down here. I LOVED it the first time I went because the music is awesome and they have a great crowd and a cool light show. So anyways. . .we get here and went and had some awesome mexican food with his mom. After discussing what we were going to do I thought I had made it very clear that I wanted to go to Blondies and Mark didn't really care to go because it's all the way on the other side of town and one of us wouldn't be able to drink. So we didn't end up going and I was pretty pissed because that's basically the only reason why I came down besides to spend time with him. We decided to go to the liquor store and just play poker. Well we kept getting at each other's throats like all night and we both felt really bad about it. I told him that I believe it's because I have been so stressed and upset about not having a job and being concerned about having enough money to make it for the time being. I just freakin' broke down. The anxiety was so overwhelming. I refuse to check my bank account because I'm always too scared to know what little amount is in there and crap. It just sucks. Anyways. . .Mark and I talked and I am more open to accepting help when it's offered even though I will never ask for it. We worked through it and I'm glad I looked at my bank account because I feel a lot better about the amount that is in it [=

(btw. . .I won poker again last night. That's the second time I've beat him =])

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