Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thrift store disappointment

I went to two thrift stores today to satisfy my shopping need. I found a really cute skirt and a leather jacket. I got the skirt specifically so I could wear it with these panty hose I bought a couple weeks ago. I get home and go to try the skirt on with the panty hose and I RIPPED my fuckin panty hose. Freakin' awesome. =[ I need new black ones and I would like some other different colors like dark blue and maroon for the fall.

I'm currently watching Quarantine before I go to class. I'll let you know if it's worth seeing.

Mark and I went to see Halloween 2 directed by Rob Zombie. I went in hopes of finally having the story of Michael Meyers explained. It was HORRIBLE. I go to see scary movies to get SCARED. . .not to see the goriest shit or the most blood. I like to be scared, I don't care about how much blood a person can lose. Also, the theatre we saw it in sucked. . .it smelled like sweaty balls and it was really nasty.

I want to see HP and Transformers again. . .can't wait til they come out [=.

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