Friday, September 4, 2009


I spent the majority of my day applying for jobs today. It was not fun. . .quite depressing actually. I applied at a bunch of retail stores but the problem is I have very little retail experience. Since I came back from Texas I worked at one store. The other jobs I have had are all office spots because I am really good with computers and I prefer reception work over retail because it pays better. The problem is though, there are no jobs for reception, admin. etc work out there really. Even though I send my resume out to a ton of advertisements for open positions I get mostly bullshit emails back or no responses at all. I understand for the no response thing because they get so many emails and requests there's no way they can take the time to respond with saying we filled it already or we'll let you know or you're not what were looking for.

Basically, I'm starting to feel really anxious about my money situation. What I have isn't going to last me long so I'm desperate for just anything to fill my time and bank account. It makes me want to go back to the club and waitress again because of the easy money that's in it. I'd rather bar tend but I have absolutely no experience with it. I'm looking around at some dive bars trying to see if they need help bartending just so I can beef up some experience enough to get me at a good place but we'll see. Ugh. . .the frustration and the anxiety added together just automatically result in anger and depression. =[

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