Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So. . .follow up. . .

I went on my first interview today. It was at a private security firm called Spears Security and Patrol. I was officially offered the job and I start on Thursday. I'm super excited! I'll be doing dual positions kind of. They want me mainly for office duties but they also have plans to use my lightly within the field as a patrol officer. It's not the best pay and for now it will work. . .I start off kind of low but once they get me settled in they already said I will get a raise. So anyways. . .I'm looking forward to it. The owner actually interviewed me by accident today because the guy who is now my manager was late due to traffic and he was like really really OVERLY excited to bring me on board. Anyways. . .I am now officially a half rent a cop hahahahahah [= Congrats to myself. I keep getting a ton of phone calls for interviews now though. It's so weird because this always happens. I'm sure it is because of how many responses they get from their ads but like it takes a couple weeks for them to get back to me and by then I have usually already had a job offered to me. It's always tempting to keep my options open and junk but ironically this position is going to turn out to be a good foot in the door for experience whenever I do field work for the law enforcement position so I think it's the better option over the other interview offers I've received. Plus a lot of people are doing phone interviews and that's a waste of time to me. I have a legit resume. If you don't want me to waste your time. . .don't waste mine by asking for a phone interview and then telling me "oh we'll call you back and let you know if we want to a in person interview". EFF that. . .time is money and I need the money to pay my damn bills. . .I don't have the time [aka the money] to sit around waiting for you to call me back for a interview process that takes like four weeks. Sorry.

Anyways. . .Mark and the gang and I went to see the movie Gamer tonight. Pretty interesting plot. I liked it. Definitely worth seeing. . .probably not in the theatre though. I also have fallen victim to the Twilight saga. I started reading the first book today after seeing the movie preview on the VMA's and it sparking an interest in me. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not engrossed in it quite like I was with Harry Potter yet and I will always remain a devote fan lol.

I'm outie. Maybe if I find the energy I'll have a interesting post within the next couple of days about what life would be like if it were really carried out in a gaming fashion. Night!

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